I’d like to recommend Chuck Knight and Jim Brown with Green Street Homes.  They built our (semi-custom) home in Euclid St. Paul in 2017 and we have been extremely happy with it and have received hundreds of compliments on it from service providers, friends, and neighbors.  Not only did they design and construct a very unique and extremely beautiful home that is well-constructed, but their customer service and integrity really sets them apart.

During construction they were very patient and helpful to us with any questions we had and completed construction on time and with great communication throughout the process.  Additionally, post construction completion they have been responsive to any small issue that has come up and really stand by their work in everything they do.

Finding people like Chuck and Jim who do what they say and really stand by their word is not easy to find with any provider, and even more difficult to find in the construction industry.  I can’t recommend them highly enough and would be happy to answer any additional questions or even tour you through our beautiful home.